Clickers Sessions

Since Jan 22, 2009, I have started using the Classroom Response System, short “Clickers”, in my Organic Chemistry I and Organic Chemistry II courses to solicit students’ answers to multiple-choice questions with 4-6 possible choices. This approach was very well received by students and has led to an increase in students' participation and improved knowledge retention as the system provides instant feedback and statistical analysis of students’ answers. I have implemented this tool as a major tool in my teaching approach. Photos from Clickers sessions and videos from two Clickers sessions of Organic Chemistry I course are posted in addition to a public seminar that I gave about the use of "Clickers in large size classes" to AUB Faculty & Staff.

Click it, Learn it, and Enjoy it!

Chem 211 Clickers Session 3: May 11, 2009

Chem 211 Clickers Session 4: May 27, 2009

First Clickers Session at AUB: Photos

Spring 2009: Photos

Fall 2009: Photos

Spring 2010: Photos

Fall 2010: Photos

Spring 2011: Photos

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